Happy Mail

Last for the night but definitely not least I received some very sweet happy mail from Veronica- yt name is "vballen1" and here is her yt channel "https://www.youtube.com/user/vlballen1/videos".  Please check out the beautiful and such elegant projects she makes.   Thank you Veronica.  


Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello Everyone,  hope things are well with you.  I am sharing the cards and things that I made for my kids and grandkids.  Love you all.

Valentine Post card

I made this postcard for hubby.  I got a kit from yt (Viv Writer).  I added eyelets on the ends, looped some chain and attached a heart charm on one end and a key and lock charm on the other end.  The sentiment is what the charms are about.  


These are some tags I created for my family and a few friends.   I decided to make tags instead of cards for them, although I will be making a few cards.  I had fun making these tags.