Happy Mail

Last for the night but definitely not least I received some very sweet happy mail from Veronica- yt name is "vballen1" and here is her yt channel "https://www.youtube.com/user/vlballen1/videos".  Please check out the beautiful and such elegant projects she makes.   Thank you Veronica.  


Valentine Post card

I made this postcard for hubby.  I got a kit from yt (Viv Writer).  I added eyelets on the ends, looped some chain and attached a heart charm on one end and a key and lock charm on the other end.  The sentiment is what the charms are about.  


Hi Everyone, hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day with loved ones.  Hubby took me to dinner and here is the card and stuffed animal he bought me. Th

This and that

Some cards for my son-in-laws, and treat bags for my grand kids to take to school for Valentine's Day and a couple of 'thank you" ccards.


These are some tags I created for my family and a few friends.   I decided to make tags instead of cards for them, although I will be making a few cards.  I had fun making these tags.

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