Long time no see/hear/post

Hi everyone,  It has been a minute.  I had went on vacation and then needed another one to recoup.  Lost my crafting mojo then found it and can hardly find my desk.  I was on vacation with my three daughters and my three precious grandbabies.  I had a ball and managed to keep up with... Continue Reading →



My youtube friend "craftynita" sent me a very sweet and generous rak. She sent pretty napkins, handmade flowers, a doodad bag, metal pieces, trims and lace, beautiful fabric, a paper pad, a beautiful card, bags, recollection bling and handmade acrylic flowers and one of the fabric flowers was a change purse she made.  Thank you... Continue Reading →

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,  I was suppose to do my post last night, but I got sidetracked and totally forgot. Charge it to my head not my heart.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and off to a good week.   This post is for a beautiful RAK (random act of kindness) from my youtube friend "ItripledogdareU" Lydia. ... Continue Reading →

Hello and Holiday Greetings

Hi Everyone,  I  hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday with your friends and family.  I know I am late, but I needed a little break.  I have been crafting and all that good stuff.  I have so much to share but I will just post a few things at a time.  Hope you... Continue Reading →


Hi Everyone,  I make sympathy cards all the time, but this was the hardest one I ever had to make.  It was for a couple at church and their  baby girl only lived 3 weeks. The days leading up to the service were hard for me, but after going to the service and hearing the... Continue Reading →

Gift /RAK

Hi Everyone, hope everyone had a great and crafty weekend.  Just want to share a gift that  "Chitown Traci" sent me along with some other crafty goodies.    Thank you for you kindness Traci, I really appreciate it.

Winnings, Swap, Raks Etc

Hello Everyone, I won a couple of giveaways, and did a swap .  The first win was from "MsCooperscoop" on YT.   The second is from "Viv Writer" on YT.  Then Muriel aka MsCooperscoop and did a swap.  Thank you both.

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