This share if for a couple of gifts for friends and family.


Baskets, Baskets and more Baskets

I went on a basket fest, but these I created for my girlfriend who teaches special needs children.  She has 10,  so I made 10 with cards for Mother's Day gifts.  I hope they like them cause I sure had fun doing them, hope you all like too.

Baskets Galore!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I have been making baskets inspired by Maymay, and her YouTube channel is: She makes such wonderful projects and her instructions are so easy to follow. Hope you check out her channel. I made some medium and large baskets. For my grand kids it will be their … Continue reading Baskets Galore!

Yarn Octopus

I made this cute little yarn octopus for my youngest daughter. For the had I cut the fingers and thumb off a glove and hand sewed it closed.  I found the little glasses at Hobby Lobby and they are kind of made like her glasses so I had to get them.   I think it turned … Continue reading Yarn Octopus


My Youtube friend "Sparemarbles" aka Diana so sweetly sent me all of these beautiful napkins. There are at least two of each and a lovely card. Now I just have to decide how I am going to use them.  When I saw them so many ideas ran through my head I can't decide, but I … Continue reading Gift