These shares are for some other challenges I have entered. I hate to say it but I am so bad at remembering to take the pictures before I mail things off.  So this is only the ones I remembered to take the pictures for.   This is the zine I made  for Irene's zine challenge … Continue reading Challenges


CWA Challenge

These are things I made for Round 1 of  a Facebook Group Challenge youtube hop called Crafters with Artitude owned and hosted by YouTube's "scrappassion01", "" Betty.We only had to make 7 items but usually for crafters once we get started we tend to get on a roll.  I had fun making them, hope you … Continue reading CWA Challenge


Okay, so I goofed.  I do have the pictures for "Shtanah's Encouragement Birthday Challenge".  I made a box for each item.  Here is what I made.  Because her challenge was about encouragement, this Prima lifetime collection spoke for itself


Before I left for vacation I challenged myself to enter more challenges.  There were several that I chose to enter,  There were birthday, subscriber and anniversary challenges and giveaways.  They do have requirements but I can't remember them all and I also forgot to take pictures of all the things I made for each one, … Continue reading Challenges