Birthday Card Challenge winnings

Just wanted to share my  lovely winnings from Larcelle's Birthday Card Challenge, hosted by Betty - yt -  Thank you Betty.


2017 Christmas Tags All Year Long

Hi Everyone,  hope all is well. Just wanted to share my Christmas tags for the month of March.  The challenge is hosted by  Myra and her yt  channel is: "".  I made some more skates using store bought glittered tags  in gold, white, silver and red.   I added washi tap to the main tag then... Continue Reading →

CWA Challenge

These are things I made for Round 1 of  a Facebook Group Challenge youtube hop called Crafters with Artitude owned and hosted by YouTube's "scrappassion01", "" Betty.We only had to make 7 items but usually for crafters once we get started we tend to get on a roll.  I had fun making them, hope you... Continue Reading →


Okay, so I goofed.  I do have the pictures for "Shtanah's Encouragement Birthday Challenge".  I made a box for each item.  Here is what I made.  Because her challenge was about encouragement, this Prima lifetime collection spoke for itself


Before I left for vacation I challenged myself to enter more challenges.  There were several that I chose to enter,  There were birthday, subscriber and anniversary challenges and giveaways.  They do have requirements but I can't remember them all and I also forgot to take pictures of all the things I made for each one,... Continue Reading →

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