Long time no see/hear/post

Hi everyone,  It has been a minute.  I had went on vacation and then needed another one to recoup.  Lost my crafting mojo then found it and can hardly find my desk.  I was on vacation with my three daughters and my three precious grandbabies.  I had a ball and managed to keep up with them pretty good.  I got to do some shopping and to meet my sweet youtube friend Ana Llanas.  Crafters always give each other crafty gifts when they meet.  Here is what Ana gave to me.   Thank you again, girlfriend.

IMG_2103 IMG_2101 IMG_2100 IMG_2088 IMG_2086 IMG_2083 IMG_2079 IMG_2056 IMG_2051 IMG_2049 IMG_2047



4 thoughts on “Long time no see/hear/post

  1. ana says:

    Hey Karen. Glad you liked what I made for you and what I gifted you with. You are such a sweet person. Loved meeting up with you and chit chatting away. It was really fun. Definitely have to do it again but next time more time to sit and talk. Crafty hugs. Ana

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