A little organizing

Lastly for tonight,  for several weeks I have been working on organizing my laces and trims. What I am showing tonight is not all of it, but these things take time, right?  Over a year ago I got some (20) of the wooden spools from Ebay.  I finally started paining and embellishing them. Most of the embellishments on the top are flat cause I didn’t want to worry about them coming off or being in the way.  Got them filled will my laces and trims only to realize that what I had them sitting in didn’t allow me to see them.  So I was on the hunt for some large glass or acrylic containers that would hold several spools nicely.  I found two glass ones at TJ Maxx.  I need to get two more, because 5 spools per jar allows me to take them in and out of the jar nice and easy.  The two jars I am showing in this post have more than 5 in them and also I plan to put some felt in the bottom.  The jars are at the end of this post and represent how I want the project to finally look.  When I find the other two jars I will post them all together.  I like how it looks and hope you will too.

IMG_1779 IMG_1778 IMG_1777 IMG_1776 IMG_1774 IMG_1766 IMG_1765 IMG_1854 IMG_1853 IMG_1852 IMG_1849


4 thoughts on “A little organizing

  1. Diana says:

    Awesome Karen! Love how you embellished the spools, and what a fantastic way to store them! TFS 🙂 Hugs d.

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