Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great week.  I have been crafting. I have created a couple of things I plan to enter for two different challenges.The first is for  youtuber”ChiTown Tracie’s” Valentine challenge.  Here is the link to her challenge…  .  For this challenge I created a Tussie Mussie and a fabric postcard.  I had made some fabric postcards a couple of years ago, but “Viv Writer” on youtube re-inspired me to do them again.  She also was selling some kits with everything you needed to make 4 .  Here is the link to her Etsy store “, so I had to get.  The one I made is an official postcard size.   I only added a little bling to the postcard, and this is my first tussie mussie.   The postcard printable is from “” and the rose postage stamp image is from ““.  I re-sized the image to a postage stamp size and put some glitter mod podge on it and cut around it with my pinking shears.  It was a little hard to get it all in the picture. This was so much fun and so enjoyable to do.   Hope you like.

IMG_1052 IMG_1051 IMG_1050 IMG_1048 IMG_1043 IMG_1038 IMG_1039



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