Hello everyone,  sorry I haven’t posted lately.  I have not been doing much lately.  I lost my crafting spirit/mojo, couldn’t find it anywhere.  I had been working on some things before it ran away, but I didn’t even have the desire to post them.  Well I think my crafting spirit has come back home.  So  the things I am posting today I had been working on a couple of weeks ago.  Some are not complete and I am still working on them.  Hope you like.


2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Felisa Montee says:

    I know the feeling my mojo left as well and with so many projects that need to be completed and started she needs to get her butt home. I just wish I could stop spending since my crafting has slowed down. Have a bless day and I hope your mojo comes with a full force to keep the inspiration flowing

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